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I wash my hands keep a clean shop.  American Red Cross Bloodborne Pathogens Certified. My technique is that of someone who has done over 10,000 piercings. The third and arguably most important thing is the quality of jewelry. Metal is not Inert! It is always releasing the by product of itself ! The jewelry you start with needs to remain in you skin for 3 to 6 months.  Every piercing leaves a scar. From one you cannot see only feel . To one of discoloration  of the skin. To keloid. To your skin has a blueish greenish tattoo mark . The amount of scaring you have realies of many variables but most important is .. your bodies healing abilities, the acceptance of the foreign object in your body (quality of metal and polish), and the piercers technique, as well as it not getting caught on anything.

 Most of our piercings are $50 we are cash only if you think that price is high please don't tip. Phone ahead for quicker service. 217 328 7131

Piercing Aftercare

Taking care of a new piercing is very simple. Do not touch it with dirty hands, no swimming for four weeks. Try to ensure that it does not get bumped or caught on anything, such as tight clothing. Spray every four hours the first week, every six hours the second week, every twelve hours the third week, and once a day the fourth week. Use H2Ocean(tm), using the smallest amount of H20cean(tm) possible, allow to dry on skin. We recommend you don't change most piercings for eight weeks.

If piercing becomes itchy or irritated, go back to spraying 6 times a day and start process over.


This is Ray SR,

 To the best of my knowledge. I am the longest practicing piercier  In the state of Illinois. (since 1993) I do most above the waist piercings. No dermals nor tongues) I buy my jewelry from places like check them out.

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