​Sr's Hours

​Hours Monday 4pm to 9pm

​Tues. and Wed.  11am to 4pm

Thursday  not open 

​Fri.  3pm to 9pm

​Sat. 11 am to 4pm

​back piece by Sr. based on one of his original paintings

Hi this is SR. 

​I guess I would like to start off by thanking you for having a look at my website.​ Well some of you know that I am Champaign Counties longest practicing artist. Some of you also know that I have won dozens of awards from many a tattoo conventions. I am usually kind of quiet. I like to tattoo and pierce without a lot of distractions, while listening to some good rock or country music, and  the buzz of the tattoo machine. Its very relaxing and many of my clients almost fall asleep. I am a 80's hair metal guy myself. Which really wasn't metal! LOL.  I like to tattoo what ever the hell you want me to. I have done black pride, brown pride, white pride tattoos. I don't care if your straight bi or gay. I am pretty much a mirror and will treat you the same way you treat me.  I work in a clean, safe, tattoo,and piercing environment. I have not had one health code violation in almost 25 years now!  My Tattoos Heal Fast! Bright! Solid! and so do my Piercing's. My piercings are exact! And need no aftercare! I only do above the waist basic piercings. No tongues no dermals. Dermals have a hard time healing. I am just sick of being drooled on while I pierce someones tongue. I am a freehand graphics artist, who prefers to do his own original artwork. Original artwork takes time, money and patience.  We come  in early stay late etc.

​Champaign Tattoo is a cash only business.

​Above is a drawing of Ray Allen Hughes SR. here at champaign tattoo place . Showing his customer . What he would like to tattoo.

Champaign Tattoo

​        Original tattoos in Champaign for 25 years!

    1410 N. Neil, Champaign IL 61820
(217) 328 - 7131

​Sr. with some of the trophies he has won with his amazing tattoo abilities

A dragon leg desk. Built by Sr. On display here at Champaign Tattoo Shop