Champaign Tattoo is the offspring of the C-U areas longest established parlor and artists.
Our goal is to hang out with some real people while throwing down some unreal ink.


I was born with a intuitively creative soul. The lens I see life through is all about self artistic expression. The knowledge base and skill level I have attained over the last 30 years, is just the foundation we will use to create a unique one-off design or duplicate what you bring in. This design will be set in flesh! Not stone. It will not last for eternity. Only a moment in time.
Your life time.
Ray Sr. Champaign Tattoo
Champaign Tattoo
Ray Allen Hughes Champaign Tattoo


Everyone calls me Ray Allen. I grew up here in Champaign, Illinois, all the while watching my father, Ray Sr., successfully run his own studio, Vision World Tattoo. As a kid, I would often come to work for the day with my folks. To pass time, I would trace and color all of our flash work on the wall. Often, I’d come to work early with Dad, and watch him get ready for customers. Back then, an artist’s knowledge was a trade secret, and I was able to see it firsthand. I’d sit with customers and talk about their designs. Not a bad life for a kid. As a teenager, I would help my dad with stencils and line drawings. I even went to conventions all over the country to watch top artist compete.
Today’s artists definitely turned the industry into something almost unimaginable, and I’m proud to be part of it. I officially started my journey in 2007 as an apprentice under Ray Sr. at Vision World Tattoos. In recent years I have also had the pleasure of working with, watching, and of course learning from other respected artists in the community. As far as design, I like both black and grey and full color. Growing up in this interesting environment made me very comfortable talking to anyone from any walk of life. So, whether you are a tattoo virgin or straight-up ink addict, whether you want a simple name or a full sleeve, I am ready to sit with you and work out your masterpiece.